“How I Built This”

  During my final semester of undergrad at the University of Houston, I enrolled in an entrepreneurship course taught by a very popular professor who was recommended to students from all majors. What I liked instantly was that he was not your average professor. Everyday he wore different and very stylish suits, often told us personal life storiesContinue reading ““How I Built This””

Personal Account vs. Business Account

I recently opened my first business account for K. Benai Events. One thing I have realized when it comes to managing money as a business owner/entrepreneur is to keep your personal account and business accounts seperate. Having two bank accounts may appear inconvenient, but you should not use a personal account for your business finances primarilyContinue reading “Personal Account vs. Business Account”

“Life is a journey and you have a divine purpose”

When I graduated from the University of Houston in December of 2014, my uncle wrote me a letter that he handed me along with a gift. Often times, I go back and reread the letter because it is fitting to the many experiences that I am overcoming at this age. There are many times whenContinue reading ““Life is a journey and you have a divine purpose””