Did you know that there is an organization for Black Hotel Owners?!

As an aspiring bed & breakfast owner, I was thrilled but also shocked when a year ago I was told by the Business School Dean at Howard University that there is an organization for Black Hotel Owners, Operators & Developers. Ofcourse I immediately did research but I didn’t find much other than a website andContinue reading “Did you know that there is an organization for Black Hotel Owners?!”

Super Bowl LIII Experience

Last weekend I had an awesome experience working with the NFL White Glove Liaison Program for Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, Georgia! The opportunity was granted to my classmate and I after we planned the inaugural Howard University School Of Business Sports and Entertainment Summit in Washington, D.C. last semester. Our summit touched on diversityContinue reading “Super Bowl LIII Experience”

Planning Reunions…It’s a Love/Hate thing

When I was first asked to plan a reunion, I was extremely excited! I thought that other people would be just as excited about reuniting with each other as I would be, however after the first one to two months of planning I started to realize that I was way over my head. Had IContinue reading “Planning Reunions…It’s a Love/Hate thing”

Air BnB: The latest party and venue option!

  AirBnB seems to be the next best thing to hit the market since Uber a few years ago. Other than it being a convenient way to rent or sell your property, some bed & breakfasts are slowly becoming a haven for intimate gatherings. This past weekend, I worked as a day of coordinator forContinue reading “Air BnB: The latest party and venue option!”

New Orleans, LA – Essence Festival 2017

Warning: Please forgive me for the excessive amount of pictures and the quality of some. One day I will be able to master a quality shot and learn the different methods of photoshop, but until then bare with me. Also, this may be a lengthy post, that’s just how awesome it was! This weekend wasContinue reading “New Orleans, LA – Essence Festival 2017”

How important is your Event Budget?

I wish I could stress the importance of an event budget, but unfortunately some people just won’t get it. Just imagine being a planner and asking your client, “What is your budget?” and their response being “I haven’t thought of one yet” or answering the question with a question saying “What amount do you thinkContinue reading “How important is your Event Budget?”