Air BnB: The latest party and venue option!


AirBnB seems to be the next best thing to hit the market since Uber a few years ago. Other than it being a convenient way to rent or sell your property, some bed & breakfasts are slowly becoming a haven for intimate gatherings. This past weekend, I worked as a day of coordinator for a 30th birthday party in the Cypress area of Houston, TX. The home was gorgeous and very fitting for the occasion. It brought to my attention that most clients or hosts who are looking for smaller venues have the opportunity and options to find exactly what they want or something similar for a reasonable price which is exactly what my client did.

This home was lavish. The entrance foyer gleamed with a massive chandelier hanging from the ceiling. All of the interior included gold, royal accents and the décor was kept simple and elegant. Each major room-including the two dining areas and living room- were complimented with chandeliers and mirrors (which are symbols of reflection). The backyard included several seating options for party guest and a pleasant sized pool for summertime fun.

Personally, I think this is a great option to factor in when looking for and considering event venues for an event. It will most likely be more cost effective, provides more security and provides a more personal experience for your guests.

– Kaylon Benai


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