Washington D.C.

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In November 2016 I visited Washington D.C. for the first time and enjoyed every moment! The primary purpose of the visit was to attend the open house of a graduate program I am applying to, however I gained so much knowledge on the rich African American history that lies within. It upholds to its “Chocolate City” nickname for many reasons. On the first day, we attended a musical for one of my favorite movies – Love Jones – at the National Theatre. The casting included Chrisette Michelle, MC Lyte, Dave Hollister, Michel’le, and other great talents. On the second day we visited the National Museum of African American Culture. It was such an overwhelming and memorable experience. I tried not to share too many of my pictures inside of the museum, however I wanted you to see the hard work, time and dedication that was put in for US. Words can not explain the 5 hours we spent exploring, learning, and growing and that amount of time still was not enough. Day 3 we visited Howard University and spent a night on the town at BLISS Nightclub. Overall, I loved Washington D.C. (aka Chocolate City) and would recommend anyone who has not visited to do so.

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